The Cisco Hat
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The Family


Now in its 26th Year, the long standing tradition of Cisco Networkers, now Cisco Live, comes a New Cisco Live Hat! The Hat’s have become an iconic part of each event. From the original Train Engineer’s Cap, to a birthday cake themed one for its 25th year celebration.

Each year a new hat is born and with that, the previous years Hat is on a mission to uncover the Next #CLUS Hat. The Hat will try his best to attend and make contact with all that are close to the event to uncover the secret identity. Along the way the Cisco Hat's job is to have fun, learn, inspire, teach, and get #CLUS attendees ready for the Next #CLUS event.

Once the Hat uncovers the identity of the New Hat, he will pass along what he learned along the way to the New #CLUS Hat.

CLUS 2015 in San Diego is a real special event to the Hat. Not only is it a crowning of a New #CLUS Hat, its also the crowning of a new Cisco CEO, Chuck Robbins . It will truly be a historic Hat event.

Play the Game - Help Find #TheCiscoHat

Get the app and join in on the fun! Click below to download the iOS App to your iPhone to play along. Follow these simple clues to find @TheCiscoHat while at Cisco Live.

As you get closer to the location the app will alert you to your proximity, the game is like hot and cold.

Once you have found the location click the bowler hat icon in the upper right to take a selfie and claim your clue!

Throughout the week we'll be pushing clues about the new hat to the twitter feed @TheCiscoHat.

Where to find @TheCiscohat while in San Diego:

  • Where it all began years ago with a little table and a sheet of paper
  • Have you checked the leaderboard yet?
  • An infamous tattoo was inked here.
  • Learn about the technology that makes me tick

Want to play along and find the clues for the next hat that will be handed out at the CAE? First

Second, send us a DM with your Apple ID Email and we'll invite you to the app!